Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sketchbook Sunday.

At the first hint of spring sunshine last week I took a quick trip to the beaches just down the road from us. Took a pie and my sketchbook, and did some quick doodles in the sun! 


Thursday, 27 August 2015

Etsy Faves 04.

It's been a busy few weeks lately, learning lots at my new job, working on some new scarves to add to my Etsy shop, and getting excited by the first hints of Spring here in New Zealand! And I've got another round-up of some of my latest Etsy finds to share!

I love the cute pattern on this clever scarf  from The Link Collective. It's such a great size as well.

 I would love one of these candles for clarity, calmness and purity from Shopean. They sound so amazing and relaxing!
 This bangle from Leah Ball is gorgeous, I love the marble looking beads. 

This concrete lamp from GANT Lights is incredible, I love the gold inside! 

And lastly this speckled wrapping paper from Normans Printery, perfect for wrapping any of the above!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sketchbook Sunday.

I finally made it to Auckland museum a few weeks ago! I actually went twice, and took my sketchbook along both times. I spent some time doodling in the ocean section, and the pacific masterpieces room. 

I've also been doing some blind drawings!This was something we used to do a lot as a school assignment - draw without looking down at your page until you are finished! I still love it, you can end up with some pretty weird results, and it makes me way less judgmental about what I end up with on the page!

Have you done any drawing lately? Have you ever tried blind drawing? I totally recommend giving it a go!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Etsy Faves.

Another round-up of some of my favourite pieces on Etsy! There are so many awesome makers out there, do you have any shops to recommend? I'm currently working on some things to add to my shop, so its great to see others doing some inspiring things!

This think twice wallet from AIY shop is so awesome! A great reminder to save pennies (and dollars) sometimes, which is definitely something I need!

Knitted hats always look so cosy, and this one from Plexida is no exception! I love the colour combo and the cute pompom! It's also making me want to finish knitting my socks that I started last year.

I love Lee Coren's designs, especially this snazzy confetti pouch! The gold looks so fancy, and I am always needing little pouches to keep my bits and bobs in!

Nina Fuehrer makes the most amazing knitted items, including this clever parrot scarf. Such an awesome idea, I want them all!

MiniFanFan has such a fun collection of prints and accessories; I love this 'Put Your Hands Up' print, it's crazy cute, especially the happy worm at the end, he looks so psyched to be part of the gang!

And lastly another little clutch bag. I love the graphic patterns of this leather pouch by Kertis, such a great mix of neutral colours. You can never have too many little pouches right?!

Let  me know if you have any Etsy favourites, I love finding new shops!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


I have been experimenting a lot with marbling lately; I've tried it before and not had much success, but actually I got a few cool samples this time, with some working better than others! I tested out shaving cream, a potato starch jelly mix, dyes, and inks! I'm hoping to try making some marbled scarves soon to add to my Etsy shop! Have you ever tried marbling?


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sketchbook Sunday.

I feel like I've been doing loads of drawing lately, but I looked back and only have a couple of doodles to share. Lots of scribbles that end up torn out and scrunched into the bin! I still can't decide whether it's a good or a bad thing to have a sketchbook that I can tear pages out of. What do you think? 

I found some shells I bought back from Dunedin. hiding under my desk, so I have been doodling from them lately!

And unfortunately I didn't draw this, but it is so awesome! I bought this peanut butter (so good!) from a shop near work the other day, and they wrapped it inside this bag! And I got this embroidered pillowcase in a mega sale at work, so many colours!

Have you done much drawing lately? I love to peek inside people's sketchbooks!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

LENA: the fashion library.

I recently found out about LENA the fashion library; set up as a clothing 'library' in Amsterdam, LENA allows users to borrow and swap clothes from their collection of vintage, designer and eco labels! How awesome is that?!

They have a membership system in place, so you pay monthly, with a few different options, and you are then given a certain number of points each month to borrow clothes with. They also let you buy the clothes you borrow, so if you can't bear to give back that dress you borrowed from the library, you can decide to keep it, and buy it at a discount!

I just wish it was a bit closer to home, I'd love to visit and see how it works, it's such a good idea! Anything that means less cheap (unfair) clothing manufacturing but still being able to have a fun wardrobe gets a thumbs up from me! I've always thought that a quality, capsule wardrobe with a few, well made items which you love seems like a great idea, but I haven't really got a very specific style and love to switch my wardrobe up every so often, so this seems like the perfect alternative! What do you think, would you join a fashion library?

The website is mostly in Dutch but you can visit their English page here (unless you happen to speak Dutch!) and also follow their Instagram here. All images can be found on their website.